Sprink KA-30
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Sprinkler Irrigation System

In sprinkler irrigation method, water is homogeneously sprayed under specified pressures by overhead high-pressure sprinklers which are located at designated points within the field. Sprayed water is gathered around the radix of the plants. Sprinklers that rotate can be designed to rotate in a full or particular circle with an impact mechanism. This irrigation method named as sprinkler irrigation due to its similarity to the natural rain.

Sprinkler irrigation can be used for every soil and plant kinds and on every field including sloping and flat fields. However, this method should not be used for those plants whose leaves must not touch the water.

Pros of Sprinkler Irrigation System

- Suitable and easy to use at uneven fields

- Provides efficient use of water by homogeneous water distribution. This cuts the water use by noticeable amounts and enables to irrigate larger fields with less water.

- Appropriate implementation of the system can prevent erosion

- Provides larger area for cultivation, because the pipes used in the sprinkler irrigation system occupy smaller area than water canals in the field.

- Drops labor cost by considerable amount. Less labor less stress.

- Can be effective in preventing some plants from getting frozen

- Fertilizers can be delivered to the field with water. Homogenous distribution of fertilizers provides better results.