Sprink New Leben

  • 15-345 Degree angle adjustable
  • Due to stainless Steel angle adjusting clips, unlike plastic ones, even years after there will be no rust and loosening.
  • Excellent angle adjusting mechanizm with high performance and resistance to minerals (lime, gravel and etc.) in water.
  • Designed and Patented by AKONA to provide great performance with uniform water distribution above World Standards
  • Stainless Steel (Crom Nickel) springs and pins are used to maximise durability and running performance
  • Due to Heavy Duty Stainless Steel springs, excelent rotation and irrigation even at low (1,5 bars) pressures.
  • Long lasting, durable Teflon Washers to achieve less wear and tear, sustaining high rotation performance.
  • High water throw and uniform dispersion with finely designed and color coded Nozzles. Pratic plug-unplug nozzles, very easy to change or clean nozzles and sprinklers.
  • High UV resistance
  • Unmatchable durability and long life
  • Water throw radious 15-21 meter. Full circle 30-42 meter.
  • Flow Rate rating 900-2500lt/h.
  • Adaptor connection diameter ¾” male threaded.
  • For maximum enerji saving and uniform water dispersion, suggested working pressure rating is 2 – 3 bars.



SPRINK LEBEN Technical Specifications
Nozzle Dia (mm) Pressure (BAR) Flow Rate(m3/h.) Dipersion (Radius) (m)
(5,0) 1,5 1,24 15,55
(5,0) 2,0 1,43 17,80
(5,0) 2,5 1,56 19,10
(5,0) 3,0 1,77 20,25
(5,0) 3,5 1,90 20,70
(6,0) 1,5 1,66 15,45
(6,0) 2,0 1,92 17,50
(6,0) 2,5 2,16 19,60
(6,0) 3,0 2,40 20,55
(6,0) 3,5 2,62 21,40


Pros of Sprinkler Irrigation System

– Suitable and easy to use at uneven fields

– Provides efficient use of water by homogeneous water distribution. This cuts the water use by noticeable amounts and enables to irrigate larger fields with less water.

– Appropriate implementation of the system can prevent erosion

– Provides larger area for cultivation, because the pipes used in the sprinkler irrigation system occupy smaller area than water canals in the field.

– Drops labor cost by considerable amount. Less labor less stress.

– Can be effective in preventing some plants from getting frozen

– Fertilizers can be delivered to the field with water. Homogenous distribution of fertilizers provides better results.