AKONA Irrigation Systems was founded in 1972 as Akpinar Ticaret to serve in the agriculture industry. Until 1997, it became a major distributor of several international companies in Turkey. During these 46 years, the company has achieved to realize the industry needs by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the farmers.

In 1997, with 48 years of experience in the industry we decided to respond to the industry needs directly by establishingAKONA Irrigation Systems. It started with the production of sprinklers. Since those days, our product range has been constantly broadened. Today, we are a professional manufacturer of Irrigation Pipes and Accessories, Sprinklers, Ball Valves, Adaptors, Flat Drip Tapes, Irrigation Tapes without drippers.

AKONA possesses international ISO 9001 quality management systems certificate, as well as T.S.E certificate (Standard Compatibility Certificate) from Turkish official authorities, Warranty Certificates, Experimental Reports prepared by various universities and Credit Compatibility Certificate from Agricultural Ministry of Turkey.

The company has long attached significance to innovation, high quality and affordable products in satisfying the demands of consumers and achieving Win-Win performance between AKONA and clients. The company has embraced the vision of doing it better than yesterday. Our highly qualified employees in production, R&D and marketing with high-tech machineries enable us to pursue our vision on a continuous base.

In addition to around 12 years of experience as a manufacturing company, we still work with a number of international companies as their exclusive distributor in Turkey. Our business relationships with other international companies enable us to monitor the latest technological developments in the sector very closely and combine them with our own distinctive product designs, technology and knowhow.

AKONA has been widely recognized as a leader of its all product categories in terms of quality. The company is the 1st player in the Sprinkler Irrigation sector in the domestic market. With its more than 200 distributors and large customer network across Turkey, it managed to gain considrable share of the domestic market.

Today, the company has proven its success in the global market by opening its sales to multiple international markets, including Europe and the Middle East.

The planet is going greener than ever with AKONA Irrigation Systems.